Mondial des Métiers

Last weekend, “Mondial des Métiers” took place at Eurexpo, Lyon. This is a national event where people can learn about all kind of jobs in France, There’s  information about what professionals do, how they do it and how much they’re paid for doing it.

We, as the Clubelek,  participated as an expositor in the informatics field. Young people asked us a lot of questions about our “job” and what kind of interesting stuff we do. We tried to be as informative as we could, but it wasn’t easy. We’re still students so most of the time we just talked about French Universities and where to study informatics in France.

Anyway, we showed off three prototypes:

  • The robot from the French Robot Cup, 2009 edition.
  • A robotic arm that redraws in paper what you draw on-screen.
  • The robot from Project Sigma.

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The Sigma Project 2009, follow-up

The development of this robot was halted during the summer holidays, however the project got really advanced in July, where with only a single month of work, results were already visible.

As I’ve already said in an older post, I first defined what I wanted the robot to do, then I started the “real” stuff ;):

The robot was (is) developed in three main phases:

I first chose every component knowing in advance which circuit boards I wanted to create. Then,  I developed the electronic schematics, and finally designed the PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards). The following image shows result of one of the boards :


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The Sigma Project 2009

It all started a month and some weeks ago, it was the end of the scholar year and we were studying for the final tests. Those were times of hard work, nevertheless a new project was born.

The last day of the Rhones-Alpes Robot Cup 2009 we discussed, at the clubelek,  about possibles ways of improving the event and the image of the club. I said that doing small and fancy projects should help us out. Something like line followers or light followers. Some agreed, some did not. The discussion did not last long and the subject didn’t go any further.

Going back to the end of the school, I decided to build a tiny smart robot, that would be able to do several tasks. I focused in creating a robot that would show the kind of stuff that can be easily built with today’s technology. The kind of stuff the robot will do when completed is :

  • Intelligent autonomous maze exploration, taking the idea from the  Robothon SRS line maze contest.
  • Shortest path search towards the exit from the start point.
  • Wireless communication with a computer to show how the labyrinth is being explored.
  • Wireless communication of the robot’s decisions to a computer to show the path it’s going to take when exploring the maze.
  • Semi automatic maze exploration : a human will control the robot’s decisions using a computer software. A human will then try to find the exit of the maze.
  • 8-bit music player.
  • Autonomous Line follower, similar to the Robothon SRS line following contest.
  • Human controlled Line Follower with a wiimote like in mario kart : humans could match the robot or other humans. The fastest, the winner.

The Sigma Project 2009, welcome to earth…


The Sigma Project 2009

More info is coming up, keep tuned.