Eurobot 2011

The ClubElek team will be a proudly 2011 contestant. The rules have just been disclosed and we’re already working as hard as we can to improve the technology we’ve developed and to innovate in new areas.

We’re ready to rock and roll !!

Chess' Up

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A new year for ClubElek

A new year starts for Clubelek, that’s why we’ve created a poster to recruit the most ambitious, the most creative and the most motivated people out there. Hope you like it :

Ag de Recrutement, ClubElek 2010

Click the image to see it in full resolution.

If you’re interested and you live nearby, don’t hesitate. Come and see what Clubelek is all about !

I cant’ finish this post without thanking Matthieu for his ideas and his advice.

Sources : The very cool robot toy was made by RayKit Designer