Coupe de France de Robotique 2010, summary

This week was the culmination of months of work. La coupe de France de Robotique is the event where all ~160 teams gather themselves to show off their creations.

Of all 121 teams that were approved to compete, ClubElek finished in 9th place !! Which isn’t bad at all ;). The final results are here.

It wasn’t easy though, the final phase of the development was much slower than planned, and when we arrived to the first match, we had a non fully tested robot.

We worked hard all week and even if we thought everything seemed was ready after touching everything up for the second match, the robot didn’t behave as expected until the 6th match !!

Believe it or not, it was the first match where we did our highest score : 1800 points.

The video of the first match :

Nevertheless, it was until the last match (16ème de finale) where the robot finally did what we told him to do, even if it left 2 oranges in the trees and lost the match for as little as 50 points (the value of 1/3 of a tomato).

The video of the last match :

Personally, I really liked this match.

And finally some close-ups of the robot : “Tatos Mobile”

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