Coupe de France de Robotique 2010, summary

This week was the culmination of months of work. La coupe de France de Robotique is the event where all ~160 teams gather themselves to show off their creations.

Of all 121 teams that were approved to compete, ClubElek finished in 9th place !! Which isn’t bad at all ;). The final results are here.

It wasn’t easy though, the final phase of the development was much slower than planned, and when we arrived to the first match, we had a non fully tested robot.

We worked hard all week and even if we thought everything seemed was ready after touching everything up for the second match, the robot didn’t behave as expected until the 6th match !!

Believe it or not, it was the first match where we did our highest score : 1800 points.

The video of the first match :

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Coupe de France de Robotique 2010

The next annual French Robot Cup has arrived !! A lot of development has been going on for over several months, lots and lots of line of code have been written and debugged. It’s now time to show the world what we’ve done : [name placeholder ;)].

The robot is capable of :

  • Knowing the relative position of the opponent’s robot and acting accordingly. For the time being, the robot stops itself when the other robot is too close.
  • Creating complex movements : it can turn in any direction, go forward and backward from 3mm up to several meters. It can also move in polar coordinates (this gives the robot the ability to do curved trajectories).
  • Finding its way through the terrain : the path-finding allows the robot to use several way-points to arrive to its destination. This way, we’re sure to avoid every fix or dynamic object.
  • Estimating its position by using odometry.
  • Detecting the contrast of nearby objects (up to 7cm), in this case the white or black corns.
  • And many other things 😉

A photo of the robot almost finished :

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