The new clubelek robot, bienvenue au monde

Last week I worked really hard to implement a Feedback Control Loop in our shiny new robot. The main goal of this module is to make the robot move as nice and fast as possible . It wasn’t too hard to do, but as I wanted it to have a neat and configurable design, sketching took as much time as coding did.

Anyway, the result speaks for itself :

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The Heart Curve present

For those who are in love and (or) those who like maths, this post might be interesting. For those who don’t, be aware: this post is about maths and hearts 😉

Some time ago, I designed a heart with mathematical functions. 14th of February seems the perfect day to offer something like this. It is original, cheap and easy to do. So if you’re in a hurry and forgot to buy a present to your girl/boyfriend, take a piece of paper and write him/her down the Heart Curve.

The Heart Curve is a mathematical relation that, when plotted, has the shape of a heart. This is easily accomplished by the use of several implicit functions.

Let H(x) be the Heart relation defined on [\frac{-\sqrt{13}-3}{5}, \frac{\sqrt{13}+3}{5}], (x, y) \in \mathbb{R}\times\mathbb{R} by:

H(x) : \left\{ \begin{array}{clcr} (x+\frac{3}{5})^2 + (y-\frac{8}{5})^2 = \frac{13}{25}, & \text{if } y > x +2 \\ (x-\frac{3}{5})^2 + (y-\frac{8}{5})^2 = \frac{13}{25}, & \text{if } y > -x + 2\\ y^3 = x^2, & \text{if } x \in [-1,1]\\  \end{array} \right.

The resulting plot without using  the functions’ definitions :
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Mondial des Métiers

Last weekend, “Mondial des Métiers” took place at Eurexpo, Lyon. This is a national event where people can learn about all kind of jobs in France, There’s  information about what professionals do, how they do it and how much they’re paid for doing it.

We, as the Clubelek,  participated as an expositor in the informatics field. Young people asked us a lot of questions about our “job” and what kind of interesting stuff we do. We tried to be as informative as we could, but it wasn’t easy. We’re still students so most of the time we just talked about French Universities and where to study informatics in France.

Anyway, we showed off three prototypes:

  • The robot from the French Robot Cup, 2009 edition.
  • A robotic arm that redraws in paper what you draw on-screen.
  • The robot from Project Sigma.

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