Feed The World : The French Robot Cup 2010

The 2010 French Robot Cup rules are now online. You can get your own english copy here.

The objective of this year Robotics Cup is to collect elements from three different game zones. The elements represent either cereals, vegetables or flowers. There are two white boxes that will be used to weigh the collected products. Heavier objects are more difficult to collect. The robot that recollects the heaviest wins.


Teams can now focus on their robot designs. We’ll see how creative other teams get.

Now, It’s our turn to go back to the design board here at clubelek.

The Sigma Project 2009, follow-up

The development of this robot was halted during the summer holidays, however the project got really advanced in July, where with only a single month of work, results were already visible.

As I’ve already said in an older post, I first defined what I wanted the robot to do, then I started the “real” stuff ;):

The robot was (is) developed in three main phases:

I first chose every component knowing in advance which circuit boards I wanted to create. Then,  I developed the electronic schematics, and finally designed the PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards). The following image shows result of one of the boards :


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Project Euler

Project Euler is a series of challenging mathematical/computer programming problems, their  difficulty varies from one problem to another and theoretically, they can be solved by anyone. A good mathematical knowledge is required to solve most of them, and good programming skills will make your life easier.

You may however, use the inductive chain learning approach, where solving the first problems will help you solve the next ones and so on by learning new methods and concepts, both in mathematics and in programming.

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