It’s never late!

Long time ago, before going to the French Robot Cup. We created a beautiful artwork to show off the capabilities of Parki The Robot, both in French and in English.

Some had the idea of using an “octopus” style with connectors to ideas and information :

First Try

Really guys, what were you thinking??!!


The idea was nice, but the Poster was not… so, we decided to redo it:P.

The result speaks for itself… wow:D :

Parki Poster

The design was mostly done by me and a friend (Matthieu Falce) and some of the text by other members of the team.

We were inspired that day 😉

PS: High resolution image is available here.


2 comments on “It’s never late!

  1. Well, according to me, the first one is the best ;o) even if it’s not finished…

    I don’t know why people would prefer the second one…

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