Why SFML Rocks and why you should use it

SFML is a recent open source multimedia library developed by Laurent Gomila which is a SDL direct replacement. SFML is multiplatform ready. It provides easy acces to graphics, input devices, sound, network and lots of  stuff that will do your programming tasks much eaisier and fun to code.

SFML is targeted mainly to game developers, but any kind of multimedia software can easily be done with this library.

What kind of stuff can SFML do? Visit this forum to find out cool creations, games and projects. You’ll be impressed.

SFML is C++ native and includes several bindings such as python, d, and ruby if you are feeling clumsy with the oh! C++ powerful language. The API is very well designed, and full documentation is available. If you’re new to SFML development you should read the very well explained tutorials to be up and coding in matter of minutes and if you have any comments, doubts, or if you have found a bug, the SFML community will be pleased to help you.

SFML is faster than the 2d graphics SDL module, why? Because SFML uses OpenGl extensively in its graphics module, so, gpu acceleration is used when graphics cards are available. If you don’t believe me, try this benchmark out. Your games will be much easier to code and they will be faster when using SFML.

It doesn’t end here. SFML has a very active community in both French and English, if you’re having problems with English, try the French website!! 😉

I can’t tell if it is the best game development library out there, but I can assure you it is very simple to use and it’s really fast.

Whether you are a casual game developer or a full time game developer guru, the Simple Fast Media Library is for you.

Try it now!!

I’ll post some DIY SFML projects soon.


2 comments on “Why SFML Rocks and why you should use it

  1. Great article! It’s good, I think, to encourage people to use SFML when they get started with game development, as it’s much simpler and tidier than SDL, what with being pure C++. And as you say, it’s faster too.

    I also like having all the functionality in a single download (rather than SDL, SDL_Mixer, SDL_Image, etc. for SDL).

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