Eurobot 2009

The French Robot Cup is now over. Three (or four) days of full continuous hacking inside a tent with more than 250 french teams leave you a nice souvenir. Lots of tests, pistachio, pasta, beer and fun where always present.


The French Robot Cup is not an easy task, it requires though work. However, we all had a lot of fun designing, doing, debugging and programming this robot.

A summary of the events:

The first day, we encountered a problem with the circuit which controls the motor that pushes the temple out. We couldn’t make no points other than pushing the elements directly from the floor to a construction zone, not good… We were however, one of the first teams to be approved to compete.To be approved, robots should make at least one point and must avoid other robots in any case :

We achieved to repair the circuit, but it was to late… We had already participated in 2 matches, fortunately we won them both, however we just got an average of 2 points, plus 10 point of the victory in both of them :  24 points in total.

The next day, someone woke me up and told me the robot was not working anymore… very very bad news, and we had another match in about 45 min. We took our tools, brain and knowledge to quickly try to make it work. And we did it. Well… partially. We had a half working robot, we decided not to connect the recently repaired circuit because we weren’t sure it was going to work, and we knew it might destroy other important elements of the robot. During the match, one of the wheels got stuck with one column element and we unfortunately lost the match 7-2. 2 Points for the defeat : 4 points in total.

Later that day, everything was working perfectly, just a couple of tweaks in the strategies and we were ready to go.

We got two more matches which we won, one with 37 points and the other one with 33 points: 91 points in total. Nice…

We didn’t manage to get into the first 16 places, but we all knew we had done a very very good work. We got the 19th place! from about 250 french competitors. That’s great news!!

In conclusion : clubelek (kelebulc by the time) and eurobot rock!!!

I’m certainly looking forward to working again with clubelek. This time we’re going to win.

By the way, this year winner is Microb. They had a really amazing robot. Check their videos out in youtube.

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