And the winner is…

…Parki!! By the Kelebulc Team…

That’s how Saturday ended.

On Friday morning we finished one of the 6 strategies of the robot. We knew, that the other teams were also having problems, just like us. But we were not sure their robots were working better or worse than PARKI, so I fixed one of the other 5 strategies on Friday night. We were ready for a death match… Not really, but we were 2/6 ready, though.

I met the other teams on Saturday evening, we realized that this year’s competition is not as easy as it seems. There were no robots ready for a full competition yet, but everyone did a good effort. In the official matches we experienced strange behaviours, never the less we succeeded and won the CRA (Coupe Rhones-Alpes).



It was nice to meet people from other teams and schools, to share experience, knowledge and even sandwiches.

We’re currently optimizing the robot performances, and we hope to have a 100% robot before the French Cup.

Stay tuned.

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